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After the destruction of his planet, Nanna, a young boy, joins the Queen Tiamat in her goal to destroy the Earth and Sailor Moon.
Nanna and Tiamat will be joined by five young warriors, coming from a different reality.
they are:

Ningal: counterparty of Sailor Moon. For her Nanna he is like a brother. Her powers are based on darkness.
Nammu: counterparty of Sailor Mercury . Her powers are water-based.
Ereshkigal: counterparty of Sailor Mars. Her powers are based on the fire.
Ashnan: counterparty of Sailor Jupiter. Her powers are based on electricity.
Belili: counterparty of Sailor Venus. Even her powers are based on darkness.

The five girls, however, hides a secret. Their revenge is different from that of Tiamat, blinded by hatred, they want to destroy Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Senshi.

But how they can defeat Sailor Moon and her friends? It’s simple.
Sailor Moon will revive in her worst nightmares, flinging to her against some of her most powerful enemies already addressed in the past.

To complicate matters, there will be the P-Crystal, created by Nanna, who, with its mysterious power will make life difficult for Sailor Moon.

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  1. Hyoga il said:

    Hello, I would like to continue your story, I prefer it to be in Spanish because nobody has it, I want to understand it. Thank you

  2. Hyoga il said:


    No hablo italiano, yo soy latinoamericano y quiero esa nueva version sailor moon another story 2 perfect edition, y quiero en Español Latino.


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